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Ponty Chateau du Pavillon

Ponty Chateau du Pavillon


Region: Canon Fronsac, Bordeaux

Varietal: Merlot

ML: 750


The little pavilion built in the 19th century on the vineyards of Canon Fronsac gave its name to Chateau du Pavillon, one of the best wines in Canon Fronsac. Chateau du Pavillon is the original vineyard of the Ponty Family, acquired in 1925. As such, it became the direct representation of Ponty's style and beliefs. As the first wine Ponty created, they wanted it to express what the family and Canon Fronsac wines stand for: elegance, richness and freshness, and always, perfect balance. It also represents Ponty's roots, where generations of the family were born, grew up, got married, learned their craft. It is the Ponty heart in a bottle.

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