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Medalla de Villa Rosa Gran Reserva Pinot Noir

Medalla de Villa Rosa Gran Reserva Pinot Noir


Region: Leyda Valley, Chile

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

ML: 750


The distinguished Medalla de Villa Rosa wines are recognised for their exceptional quality.  This Pinot Noir comes from vineyards in the Leyda Valley, only 12km from the Pacific Ocean. This cool-climate region enjoys the effects of the cold Humboldt Current and consequently produces bright, vibrant wines. This Pinot Noir’s aromatic profile is a pure and honest reflection of the variety, displaying acidic red fruit aromas such as raspberry and cherry, along with herbal notes typical of the Leyda Valley. It is very fresh and juicy with a vibrant acidity and sweet, round tannins.

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