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Flaherty Aconcagua

Flaherty Aconcagua


Region: Aconcagua Valley, Chile

Varietal: Syrah, Petite Verdot, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon

ML: 750


Ed Flaherty is a Californian who went to Chile in 1993 to work a harvest and never left. He worked with some of the top Chilean wineries over the years before starting Flaherty in 2004, one of the first boutique wineries in the country.

Ed hand-crafts complex and consistent wines by blending. The Aconcagua Valley is his signature wine, produced from four different grape varieties. It has a Syrah base that brings juicy fruit flavours and soft, lush tannins of the Aconcagua terroir, Cabernet Sauvignon tightens up the structure and adds spice, and small amounts of Tempranillo and Petite Verdot bring increased complexity.

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